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Print and Paint on Glass Print and Paint On Glass In this stage,  after providing film from any pattern, the film print on glass with silk... Read more
Glass Cutting Operation   Cutting with absolute precision for every need Cutting table for monolithic glass: cutting capability on any... Read more
straight line beveling operation Straight Line Beveling Operation  MAX 80 Straight line beveling capability on glass & mirror with width of 7... Read more
Shaped Glass Beveling Operation   Shaped Edge Beveling Operation   SB10   Performing beveling operation on shaped glass edge from 3 to 25 mm... Read more
Straight line Edging Operation Straight Line Edging Operation   GEMMY 11   Straight line Edging machine: Capable to perform straight line edge... Read more
Shaped Edge Finishing Operation   Shaped Edge Finishing Operation (P3)   P3: Capable to perform shaped edge finishing on formed glass   Samples... Read more
multifunctional operation Multifunctional Operation  ALPA  Alpa is a multifunction center for machining glass. Alpa has been designed for... Read more
Engraving Capability   Engraving Capability   This machine can perform very complex design and beautiful pattern on different types of... Read more
Operation on Glass Edge   Operation on Glass Edge Capability    This machine can perform beveling and edge finishing  operation on glass... Read more
Cutting with Sawblade   Cutting with saw blade   this machine can perform complex cutting on different width .of glass that cutting... Read more
Operation on inside edge of glass Operation on inside edge of glass capability   This machine can perform different types of edge finishing and... Read more
Drilling Operation Glass Drilling Operation   VT1250 This Machine Is Capable to Drill Glass From Both side With Double Head No Break... Read more
Washing Operation     Washing Both Side Of Glass Operation   LV This machine is capable to wash both side of glass vertically Read more
Saftey Glass   Safety Glass Process In this process the glass is heated up to 700 centigrade degrees and then they get cold... Read more
Glass Lamination Operation Glass Lamination Process   Nowadays , these glasses are useful in the case of ceilings, glass elevations and... Read more
Double Glazing Operation   Double or triple glazing operation Double glazing or triple glazing/pane are double or triple glass separated by... Read more
Glas Bending Operation Glass bending Process These glasses get bended in special furnaces without any waves and are used in different... Read more
Appliance GLass Operation   Appliance glass   These glasses need several processes to get responsive to the desired goal. Processes like... Read more
Sand Blasting Operation Sand Blasting Operation   In this method, by blasting sand particles to the glass,the surface of glass gets... Read more
Flat Glass Trading Flat glass Trading Khajavi glass industry, the supplier of high quality flat glass, is one of the most authentic... Read more

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Khajavi bros glass industry, relying on its half a century experience and usage of up to date knowledge and the most accurate Italian machines, seeks your satisfaction. The quality of these machines executive operation is not comparable to their peers. Our consumable glass is the best float glass that presents the highest quality without any kind of bulb and wave.  


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